One-on-One Coaching

Living with and through grief. How can coaching help?

Working with me will show you how to use what happened to lift you up, instead of bringing you down.  This is a place where you can speak your truth, share your stories and speak your loved one’s name.  It’s a place you can rest your grieving heart.  And, together we will also look forward so you can find peace and create a new vision for your life while still honoring your loved one in ways that are healing for you.

Gain a deeper understanding of what grief is and the impact is has on your entire life.

Recognize what influences your individual journey and its cost to your health, thoughts, and energy now and into your future.

Move from pain to peace

Learn to come to terms with your emotions and find new inspiration and meaning in your life.

Beyond coping, who am I now?

Reconnect with and rebuild your strengths, your coping strategies and the relationships, activities and inner resources that give your life meaning.

Gain clarity

When we focus on deep understanding and apply strategy based on your needs, grief gets an outlet that brings hope and direction for your future.

Gain hope and purpose on the other side of grief

Arrive at that day when possibilities exist to create and live in new beginnings, the healthy you, your purpose, and with meaning from a loss that teaches you an expansion of love. 

Weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute coaching session (depending upon what works best for your schedule). Interactive activities to assist in releasing feelings and getting underneath what our heart has to say.

Unlimited access to me via email or text message with a guaranteed response within 24 hours, probably much sooner. Recorded sessions via Zoom if desired.

What we will cover in these sessions includes:

  • The loss that happened – the moment that changed everything
  • Grief 101 – how it manifests in your life
  • Your response to the loss
  • Your life after the loss – beyond coping
  • Who Am I Now?  Re-identification after loss

8 Sessions for $1000

Not sure if Coaching is for you? Try a free discovery session.

Kind words from clients

“Jacqueline coached me during one of the most difficult periods of my adult life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support and guidance.”​

“Among Jackie’s many strengths is her ability to listen. Listening involves hearing and engaging in someone’s energy, mood, and thought processes. Navigating the grieving process leaves one feeling alone and sometimes those close to us get tired of our grief and hearing the same suffering over and over. Jacqueline was able to create a space for me to show up exactly as I needed to on any given day, and also encouraged me to move forward and do the healthy things I needed to do in order to heal and begin living again.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support and guidance.”